Call For Speakers!

Urban Librarians Conference Call for Speakers

Theme: What’s Your Spark?
Virtual Conference
April 29, 2022

Proposals due Midnight EST Friday January 14, 2022

Using the past few years as a lens to focus on what we value the most, let’s talk about how we can prioritize what gives our work meaning and brings out the spark that motivates us. . What’s your spark? What drives you in your library work? Is there value or mission  in your work that keeps you going? That you could talk about for an hour with no script, just pure drive? Here’s your chance!

We are looking for speakers to talk about that things they’d *always* rather be working on.  Is it a program? Worker advocacy? A tech project? You tell us.

The Urban Librarians Conference has always looked at the hard stuff and  we are also ready to hear about your inspiration and what gets you into your library each day. If you had the biggest budget and the Director had to do what you told them, what would it look like? Who are your most challenging patrons who you look forward to seeing every day? If you could use the library as a lever to do anything in the world, what would it look like and how would you pull it off?