Urban Librarians Conference:
What’s Your Spark?
NEW DATE!!!! September 16, 2022
9:30am – 4:30pm
Virtual Conference

What’s your spark? What’s that bright light that keeps you going? What is the thing that if you were in charge you would put everywhere? What’s that thing that delights you, inspires you, drives you. 

The past few years have given many of us a chance to think about what we value most. Let’s talk about how we can prioritize what gives us meaning, and bring our real spark out in our communities.  At this year’s Urban Librarians Conference, share your passion and hear about your colleagues’. It’s been all stress no storytime for too long, let’s hear about what makes you tick! 

*****The 2022 Urban Librarians Conference was postponed to September 16th, 2022! The conference remains fully virtual.***** 

Why did we postpone the conference?

ULU is a small organization made up entirely of volunteers, and TBH we bit off more than we can chew! We were also working on a major study of trauma in urban public library work, and hosted a forum for that study in March. We realized that we didn’t have the bandwidth to handle organizing two events of this size within a month of each other in a healthy way. 

Yay for self awareness and boundaries am I right?!

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you all in September!