Urban Librarians Conference:
We Didn’t Start the Fire
September 22, 2023
9:30am – 4:30pm
Virtual Conference

Registration is Open!

“We Didn’t Start the Fire,” but dammit, we guess we have to deal with it. With book banning, attacks on programming and the rights of our marginalized patrons, and budget cuts, we are all knee deep in a fight for our values and services.

Libraries are more deeply engaged in radical change and drawing more weirdly targeted attacks than ever before. We are finding new ways to make a difference while also finding new and challenging pressures all around us. Looking back over the last couple of years we have seen radical changes in the way that our libraries look, act, and provide service.

Join us as we catch up with the brush fires and fan the flames. How are we fighting back? Where can we make big changes? How can we keep safe and sane at a time when we are at the edge of cultural conflict? What is next and how can we be prepared for it? Join your colleagues as we discuss how  we keep up all the old fights and take on new challenges all the time.